Ruth Aharoni - Holistic Life Coach - Astro-Coaching

Writer of Astrology Books and Spiritual Growth Books

Ruth AharoniRuth Aharoni, professional Astrologer for over 30 years, lives in Israel and accompanies individuals and groups through processes of change and personal improvement, self- empowerment and spiritual growth

Ruth is also an expert in short-term Life Coaching, an NLP Master Practitioner & Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, and offers a synergy of Astrology & Coaching – Astro-Coaching & NLP-Coaching.

A Tel Aviv University Graduate of Literature and Philosophy and certified yoga teacher - Master of Yoga, Aharoni is the author of many successful self-help books published in Hebrew and in English, on the topics of meditation, channeling, universal kabbalah, yoga for children, karmic astrology and synastry, horary astrology, tarot, and astro-tarot.


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